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Nov 04

How parents can support their dancers, part 2, conquering favoritism

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From October 22, 2013:

It’s #TipTuesday! Today we are continuing our series for parents on how to support your dancers and today’s topic is -conquering-favoritism. Some favoritism is natural. Dance teachers naturally gravitate to students who enthusiastically want to learn. Are you/your student doing things in class that are off-putting without realizing it? Check out our post from last week about etiquette. Click below for an article by Pointe magazine on how to deal with favoritism in the classroom.

Pointe magazine-Conquering favoritism

Oct 14

How parents can support their dancers, part 1.

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As part of our #TipTuesdays on Facebook, we are doing a series of posts on how parents can better support their dancers (in addition to the wonderful acts of driving them to class, paying for tuition, etc.). Here is last weeks’ post:

It’s #TipTuesday! This one is for parents per fan request and will be addressed over several weeks. How can a parent support their dancer? Do your research and educate yourself. Their is a ton of info online for parents of dancers. Let’s look at studio selection. Choosing a studio just because it is the closest or cheapest is not the way to go. Unfortunately, anyone can open a dance studio, there are no certification requirements, so you need to investigate carefully. You are entrusting your child’s body to whomever you choose so choose wisely. Does the studio have a sprung floor? this is an absolute must. You wouldn’t let your child learn gymnastics on a concrete floor with no mats, so don’t let your child dance on one either. This can cause joint damage, stress fractures and other serious injuries and sometimes permanent damage. Next, look at the director/teachers. They should have studied not only dance but pedagogy as well at a reputable school. They should have had a performing career. They should also be involved in some sort of continuing education to keep up on the latest trends and teaching techniques, injury prevention, etc. Most of all they should love working with children. With that said, not all dance teachers with a degree or professional dancers with a great career make good teachers. Some of the best teachers are ones who struggled and had to work extra hard to become dancers.
We want your questions and feedback, so please ask/reply in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!

Sep 12

It is not too late…

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It is not too late to register for classes or audition for student company. You can register and pay for classes online. Please email the director ( )if your student age 8 and up is interested in joining student company and/or competing.

Sep 12

Tip Tuesday

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It's Tip Tuesday! Today's tip is about pointe work readiness and is courtesy of Capezio. Here at BSD we use an…

Posted by Baltimore School of Dance on Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sep 11


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Twelve years ago today, was the first day of class for the Baltimore School of Dance. I don’t usually celebrate or talk too much about this because it was also that awful day that everyone remembers where they were when they heard the first plane hit the World Trade Center. As bad as that day was, the thing I remember was how kind and polite people were to each other for several weeks afterward. I think that good manners, kindness to others, humbleness and not taking what we have and who is in our lives for granted should be with us 365 days a year. It should not take a devastating event like 9/11 to remind us. My Christian upbringing instilled these values in me and I am so grateful. This is something I try to teach every student that walks through the doors of BSD because I think they are qualities that not only are part of the etiquette of dance, but also make good employees and successful human beings. So today, while we think on 9/11 and remember and pray for the victims, their families, the brave first responders and everyday heroes of that day, make a resolution to try to be more like we were right after that devastating day. If that day makes us better people, a better nation, and a better world than maybe all those people won’t have died in vain. God bless.
Amy Hornberger, Owner/Director

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