Welcome to BSD

You will find a truly diverse and welcoming community of dancers, with a wide variety of ages and abilities, coming together for a magical dance experience.  With classes for all ages and experience levels, we are certain you will find the perfect program that will guide you on the path to achieving your ultimate dance dream!     We strive to create a family of no-drama, disciplined, positive, supportive dancers, teachers, parents and friends who are committed and driven to learn, grow and exceed their biggest dance dreams, whatever they may be, in a healthy manner while having an absolute blast along the way.  Whether you are an adult absolute beginner or your child is interested in a dance career, we encourage you to come dance with us on an exciting journey.  We will support you, cheer for you, encourage you and cherish you without judgement to help you become your most confident, best self.  No matter your skill level or desired goals, each and every student will receive the same great training and individual attention.

We can't wait for you to join us!



We are dedicated to supporting our students and their families by lifting them up not tearing them down.  We use positive critiques and encouragement to help our students achieve their goals.


Give us your quirky, your unique, your full of personality!  We endeavor to pull out, validate and nurture each dancer's strengths and individuality. Only then will a dancer develop the confidence and determination to persevere and succeed in this industry and in life.


Add up all of our values and it equals EXCELLENCE.  Whether our dancers follow a path to the professional dance world or not, the skills they learn here will help them throughout their adult lives. Their self-confidence will sky-rocket and the work ethic they learn while training as a dancer will make them successful at whatever career they choose. Nobody can manage their time, be as creative, work as hard and hold themselves to such a high standard as dancers.


Our dream is to inspire children and adults to dare to dream big and support them in reaching those dreams.  If you can dream it, we will help you reach it.



I started ballet as an adult here and I am very thankful that I did. The staff are very friendly and welcoming to newcomers, and allow you to work at your own pace. I could not recommend this studio enough. My time at BSD was the best part of the two years I spent in the U.S.



My daughters absolutely love their dance class at BSD. I have also had the pleasure of taking some of the adult classes taught by Miss Amy. She is a fabulous teacher. I love the way she formats the classes for the littlest dancers; besides a basic warmup, she incorporates a story into the class, which the Children get to act out in costumes EVERY WEEK! It is such an excellent way to expose children to dance, as dance is storytelling at its core. We love Miss Amy AND we LOVE BSD!!!!



I’m so glad that my daughter found this studio. Last year was a difficult year for our family, my daughter was dancing at another studio. After her lessons, almost every time she would come home crying. In the fall she found Baltimore School of Dance and now she is more confident and found a group of people that not only teach her how to dance but also give her moral support when she needs it.

I’m grateful to Amy for having been there for my daughter and  using positive encouragement when teaching.  I would recommend this studio without any hesitations.



.Love is our number one value because it encompasses so much.  It is our love and passion for dance, children, teaching, family, community.  It is being kind and helpful, serving our community.  Using positive critiques and encouragement to help our students achieve their goals.


We want to instill a lifelong passion for the art of dance.  We believe the best way to do that is to have FUN and laugh while working hard.  We believe love and laughter can cure all ills.  Our nation is in an epidemic of depression, anxiety and other mood disorders.  Studies show that exercise and laughter help combat these and we are dedicated to supporting our students and their families by lifting them up not tearing them down.


Knowledge is power.  We are committed to providing our young dancers with the tools to study all aspects of dance both inside the studio and at home. Even as working professionals, you never stop learning. At BSD, we work to instill this by example, bringing outside resources into class that develop young minds and bodies.


Training to become a dancer requires commitment, hard work and sacrifice.  Not just on the part of the dancer or even the family, but also the dance studio staff.  We regularly make sacrifices to dedicate our time, energy, creativity and passion to share our expertise and help dancers achieve their dreams.  When everyone involved is dedicated to the same goal, the possibilities are limitless and the results are worth all the blood, sweat and tears.


To develop the trust on all sides that is needed for the investment in the delicate, difficult and transformative process of developing a dancer, there must be uncompromising integrity. Honesty, loyalty and mutual respect from teachers, students and family.  We believe that when we work with the above values in mind, it creates trust and faith in the training process. That faith is of the utmost importance. We have been through the process of training as a dancer. We know what works and what doesn't. We know how hard it is but we also know how invaluable the benefits are to all aspects of life.



Whether you are looking for a once a week class  for your toddler taking their first magical dance steps, a comprehensive and confidence building program that will set your dancer up for a successful career in dance or something in between, we have a program that is perfectly tailored to help them reach their dance dreams.



You will feel welcomed, supported and challenged regardless of age, ability, body type, level of commitment, whether you are a beginner or pro. There is no dress code or judgement for adults, we only require a desire to learn and a willingness to not give up (and we can even help you with that). We offer flexibility in how to register for class from single drop-in to class cards to full year registration.



Our Introduction to different styles of dance for the absolute beginner age 8-adult gives the novice dancer a "crash course" in the basics of ballet, jazz, tap and modern/contemporary.  Each 5-10 week course prepares the student new to formal dance  training (or the experienced dancer that needs a refresher) to enter our established classes with confidence and a solid foundation.