-As a shy child, I found my voice through dance...(click here to learn about the founder's journey)

and so will you, just like Jo...

At the tender age of 7, shy and lacking confidence as she nervously but excitedly walked into the studio, she never could have imagined how far she would come in such a short time.  She didn't even realize that the magical stories, beautiful costumes and comical dances were setting the stage for her to become a confident performer.  She loved the creative warmups in the ABC's of Dance that took her on an imaginative journey that made her giggle, but they were also forming a foundation of strong technique that eventually helped her to audition and be accepted to Baltimore School for the Arts for both Dance AND Drama!  We are so proud of you, Josefina!

You will find a truly diverse and welcoming community of dancers, with a wide variety of ages and abilities, coming together for a magical dance experience.

With classes for all ages and experience levels, we are certain you will find the perfect program that will guide you on the path to achieving your ultimate dance dream.

I’m so glad that my daughter found this studio. Last year was a difficult year for our family, my daughter was dancing at another studio. After her lessons, almost every time she would come home crying. In the fall she found Baltimore School of Dance and now she is more confident and found a group of people that not only teach her how to dance but also give her moral support when she needs it.

I’m grateful to Amy for having been there for my daughter and  using positive encouragement when teaching.  I would recommend this studio without any hesitations.

Maria  //  Mom

My daughters absolutely love their dance class at BSD. I have also had the pleasure of taking some of the adult classes taught by Miss Amy. She is a fabulous teacher. I love the way she formats the classes for the littlest dancers; besides a basic warmup, she incorporates a story into the class, which the Children get to act out in costumes EVERY WEEK! It is such an excellent way to expose children to dance, as dance is storytelling at its core. We love Miss Amy AND we LOVE BSD!!!!

Mercedes  //  Mom

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