Let’s Goooooo!

By Kim Beard, dance mom

Let’s Go! You need to be in class in 20 minutes.

Where are my shoes?

Where is my water bottle?

Can I have a snack before we go? Oh no, my tights have a hole!


Ok, I am sure this doesn’t happen in your house, but it happens in mine all the time and I am taking charge. How am I taking charge? I’m giving the charge to my dancer.

The whole family committed to taking dance classes. Mom, Dad, Grandparents, neighbors; we all support our dancers by getting them to class, enjoying recitals, buying endless bobby pins. Why did we sign up? We sign up year after year because of the supportive, healthy and fun environment dance class offers. Some of the responsibility needs to fall on the dancer. After all, dance is much about discipline. If I can get my dancer invested in the preparation for class, than I expect that she in turn will find more value in dance classes. Hopefully this will translate into concentration and practice.

I truly believe any of all of our dancers can make sure they are ready for class. Yes, even the 3 year olds. I have no doubt that the 3 year old dance remembers that Tuesday is dance class and that she needs her pretty leotard and those new tights that mom just bought and her cute dance bag that keeps everything together. Now, I know we will have to give a reminder the day before, and yes, I still need to make sure the laundry is done. Now, by 12, 13 years old, this should be old hat. She knows where the dance bag is, she knows which shoes she needs, she can tie her own bun Oh no…these are the worst offenders (in my house of course). I am taking charge; I am giving the charge to my dancers.

Perhaps our trips to class will be filled with talking about our day and catching up, rather than yelling and apologizing. Perhaps my dancers can begin class with a clear head, feeling prepared and ready to concentrate on movement, hear the music and not the echo of their mothers yelling in their ear.

Dancers take charge…wish me luck