Class Policies

Class Code of Conduct

Students and parents will dress and conduct themselves in a respectful and courteous manner while at the Baltimore School of Dance. Politeness and courtesy are essential. Proper respect for the staff and fellow students is expected of all students, parents and siblings. Every student and parent/guardian should behave in a disciplined, responsible manner both on site and at studio functions. The studio reserves the right to suspend or dismiss any student or parent/guardian whose attitude, attendance or conduct is found to be unsatisfactory. This includes negative gossiping about the Baltimore School of Dance, our staff, students or parents/siblings of students and will not be tolerated Any student or parent/guardian who disrupts class or approaches a teacher, staff member, another student or parent/guardian with the intent to disrupt, cause dissent or contravene the policies and procedures of the Baltimore School of Dance will be dismissed immediately. Parents wishing to speak to an instructor must first leave a note for the teacher in their mailbox.

Class Advancement & Placement Policy

At the Baltimore School of Dance we take great care in making sure that each student is in a class where he or she will be challenged, but not overwhelmed. Each dance school has their own leveling system.  The following descriptions are loose guidelines only to help in placement. Final placement will be determined based on individual experience, talent, and frequency of study. It is normal for a student to spend 2 or more years in each level, depending on above factors. Starting out at a lower level initially is preferable to putting a child in a class that is too advanced as this is how injuries (physical and emotional) tend to occur.

Recreational Study Pre-requisites

ABC’s of Dance Parent/Child:  Ages 2-3, depending on child’s level of separation anxiety.  Parent participates in class.

ABC’s of Dance: Ages 3-5

ABC’s of Pre-ballet 1: age 5 +1 year experience, or age 6 with no experience Pre-ballet 2: age 6 +1 year experience, or age 7 with no experience.

Ballet 1: age 7 +1 year experience, or age 8-12 with little or no experience.

Ballet 2: age 9 and up +2 years of Ballet 1 or invitation from the director. 1x a week required, 2x’s a week recommended, the first year, 2x’s a week required the second year to advance to next level.  Pointe: Minimum age of 10-12, minimum of 2 ballet classes a week, and permission from the director.  Students are strongly encouraged to take ballet in addition to other dance styles.

Ballet 3: Age 11 and up + at least 2 years of Ballet 2 and invitation from the director. 3x’s a week required . Pointe: Minimum age of 10-12, minimum of 2 ballet classes a week, and permission from the director. Students are strongly encouraged to take ballet in addition to other dance styles.

Jazz 1, modern/contemporary 1, musical theatre 1:  ages 7 and up, no previous dance experience required.  Ballet once a week strongly recommended.

Jazz 2 and up, modern/contemporary 2 and up, musical theatre 2 and up:  One year of previous experience and at least one ballet class a week required.

Pre-professional study: Level 2A, entry by audition or invitation only. Minimum age of 9 and minimum 2 ballet + 1 modern, jazz, or musical theatre classes a week. Level 3A, entry by audition or invitation only. Minimum age of 11 and minimum 3 ballet + 2 of the following classes a week – modern, jazz, or musical theatre . Please contact the director for a separate application and discounted tuition rates if interested.

Student Company: By audition only.


Written evaluations will be given to parents at the end of the school year. Evaluations will include recommendations for the next dance year.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available. Please schedule private lessons through the front office and instructor of choice. Rates are $35.00 per half hour and $60.00 per hour. Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance or you will be charged for the lesson.


If a student is 15 minutes late to class they may be asked to sit out of class. Properly warming up the body is necessary to avoid injury. Repeated lateness may result in termination of lessons. If a student misses more than 3 classes without written notice, the school reserves the right to terminate lessons. Absences resulting from illness, injury or vacations will be excused, but must be made up within the current school year. You are allowed 5 make ups per year. You can schedule a make-up online. Please call or e-mail the school if your dancer is going to be absent, and to schedule your make up class. Students missing more than 3 classes after January 31 will forfeit participation in the year-end recital. There are no refunds or credits for missed classes.