What our customers are saying about us…

“I am sorry to say we moved out of the city. We really miss your class. So many of the classes are Disney based and do not encourage play/ free dance. You have a really great program! Warm up, vocabulary, story, new dance move each class, and dress up. Her class right now looks so boring in comparison. 


I just wanted to let you know I appreciated your class. I am struggling to find any decent preschool classes whether it is ballet, soccer, yoga or music.”


-Adelaide and Stephanie Bylkas-Moore


My tap classes have helped my soccer. The better I get at tap, the better I get at soccer. -Lorenzo, age 8


“The Recital was great and we were happy to see Bella make so much progress in your class ABC’s of Pre-Ballet/jazz/tap.” -Bob B., parent


From a customer who booked Ms. Hornberger to create choreography for their “First Dance” at their wedding:

“I want to thank you for all that you taught us!  You really helped build our confidence. We would have just swayed back and forth without your help.   We wish you the best. We think you have a wonderful school.   Thanks again,” Dan Audette